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Huco Uni-Lat

Unique, general purpose light duty couplers with generous angular and radial misalignment compensation. Resist axial motion, can anchor unrestricted shafts and perform light push/pull duties.

Encoder, resolver, tacho, potentiometer drives. Small positioning slides, dosing pumps, & light drives generally.

Speeds Up to 3000 rpm in standard form
Peak torque
largest size
3.5Nm (31
Standard bores 3 to 16mm (0.1181 to 0.6299")
Temperature range -20 to +60C (-4 to +140F)
Electrical isolating Yes
Connection Clamp or set screw
Stiffness index* 1.0
* The index is a comparative guide to mean torsional stiffness across each series relative to the Uni-Lat series. On this scale, relative torsional stiffness of single-helix beam couplers is 0.27.