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Huco-Flex M

Huco Flex-M single short and long OVERVIEW
Precision couplers with excellent kinematic properties. Dynamically balanced construction. Single-stage versions make up into whirl free Cardans. The 2 stage versions offer short envelopes and low bearing loads respectively.

High-end servo drives, pulse generators, scanners, positioning slides, high speed dynamometers, unsupported drive shafts, etc.

Speeds Up to 5000 rpm in standard form
Peak torque
largest size
60 Nm (530
Standard bores 3 to 28mm (0.1181 to 1.102")
Temperature range -40 to +120C (-40 to +248C)
Electrical isolating No, unless used with insulating bore adaptors
Connection Clamp or set screw
Stiffness index* 6.7
* The index is a comparative guide to mean torsional stiffness across each series relative to the Uni-Lat series. On this scale, relative torsional stiffness of single-helix beam couplers is 0.27.